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connection with a doctor in a few clicks

We bring you a brand new, innovative benefit that allows your employees to quickly connect a doctor to a patient, saving time and solving local restrictions - so they can connect virtually anywhere, anytime.
Cooperation opportunities
Cost reduction

According to statistics, up to 30% of patients do not need to seek acute care in the emergency room. This saves staff valuable time otherwise spent in waiting rooms and offices.


Employees and their family members can expect above-standard medical care and a human approach.

Easier access to specialists

Employees get access to a wide range of specialists without having to visit the doctor's office in person.

Why doktor online

Immediate availability

The guarantee of a connection with a doctor within ten minutes and within a few clicks will ensure time savings, for example, for working mothers in a frequent rush.

Reduction of incapacity for work

The quick and efficient availability of medical video consultations will reduce employee sickness and absence, thereby having a positive impact on your company's productivity.

Care expertise

Our doctors are ready to provide comprehensive consultative and diagnostic care. Quality, expertise and accessibility of care is our absolute priority.

Cooperation opportunities

  • We aim to make our service as beneficial and simple as possible for your company.
  • With our flexibility and demanding nature, we are ready to provide your employees with the best possible care
  • Our price offer is designed to meet your needs.

Monthly subscription for employees

from 99 CZK/employee

Price includes a maximum of 3 consultations per month for one employee.


one-time use of the service

from 199 CZK/employee

You only pay for the consultation in case of using the service.

How the app works


The employee enters the virtual reception, where he or she waits for a call from the doctor, who in the meantime has thoroughly read the patient's medical history, simply listed in the app.


They then discuss the employee's current health problems via a video call lasting approximately 10 minutes.


Immediately after the consultation, the patient receives appropriate recommendations and follow-up. For complete comfort, the patient can use the option of playing the entire consultation from the audio recording.

Benefits for employers

Online medical consultation

Employees will be able to quickly connect with a doctor within 10 minutes. This solution reduces the need for personal visits to the doctor and thus the employee's incapacity for work.

Tax-deductible expense

It is a tax-deductible expense according to § 24 odst. 1 ZDP GFŘ. Therefore, it is a service of the employer, who eliminates the possible loss of working time of his employees in this way. At the same time, the employee does not receive non-cash income in these cases.

Service availability

The service is available daily from 8:00 - 22:00, which gives the employee maximum space to seek specialist care from the comfort of home if the patient's condition is not urgent. The service can therefore serve as a handy time saver, rather than a physical trip to the doctor and subsequent absence from work.


The regular and thorough reporting you receive from us will always give you an overview of the number of times our services are used. Everything is, of course, fully anonymised.

Payment for services

We will send you an invoice regularly according to the agreed terms.

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We will be happy to create a customized offer for your company.

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