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Your patients' health comes first!

A completely new and innovative way to deliver healthcare to patients efficiently and quickly.
Doktor Online is a platform that allows patients to access an online medical consultation via video call. All from the comfort of home, without waiting and queues. All in just a few clicks and completely secure.
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Why choose the Doktor online platform?

Shorten patients' journey to the doctor

Thanks to our platform, patients can consult their health problems from the comfort of their home or vacation, which significantly reduces the time they would otherwise spend commuting and waiting in the office. This translates into happier patients and a reduced burden on waiting rooms during otherwise stressful times, such as flu season.

Possibility of sequential consultation

We offer more efficient triage of patients. The first contact with the patient can be a nurse, if necessary a doctor intervenes in the consultation.

Premium paid service

Offer patients longer, more flexible hours and get better monetization - bringing patients the option of exclusive care.

Analysis and reporting

The system automatically generates complete reporting and stores the data for possible check. Keep everything easily under control.

Payment methods

We offer complete management of payment methods using a payment gateway. Keep all your financial flows under control.

Work mode flexibility

Doctors can use our service as a complement to their work schedule. They can provide online consultations when it is most convenient for them, allowing them to better spread out their work schedule.

Wider clientele

Gain a competitive advantage through your overlap. Help patients beyond your waiting room.

Video consultation

Compared to conventional consultations, via phone or e-mail, our system brings the possibility of visual contact with the patient and thus a better indicative assessment of the patient's health condition.

Consultation records

Keep your data safe and within reach at all times. We store your consultation records on secure servers so you can access them whenever you need them.

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How the app works


The Doktor Online platform is available as a web and mobile app. After entering the system, the doctor has an overview of the virtual queues in the waiting rooms, where a detailed description of each individual patient's health problems is available.


The doctor studies the patient's problems and picks him up from the virtual waiting room.


A typical video consultation lasts 10-15 minutes


Video contact with the patient can replace the often unnecessary in-person visit to the doctor's office and thus facilitate the availability of medical care to patients who really need it on a given day.


Once the consultation is complete, a written summary of the recommendation can be emailed to the patient, just as they see it in their application and dated consultation. For complete convenience, the app allows you to play the entire audio recording of the consultation again immediately after the video call.

Reviews of our providers

MUDr. Klára Sekyrová

I have been using the service for a long time and I am extremely satisfied with it. Doktor online has helped me to alleviate the huge crowd of patients in waiting rooms. It gives me the opportunity to attend to more patients and I can better schedule my working hours.

MUDr. Radovan Sedláček

I am a pediatrician and have been using the Doktor Online app for almost a year. I use the platform daily to facilitate my work. One of the things I prefer about Doktor Online is the ability to set my own hours. This allows me flexibility and control over when and how often I provide consultations.

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Your patients' health comes first!

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