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Pregnancy counselling

Children's dentist

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Our experienced paediatricians will discuss your child's health problems with you and based on a carefully taken medical history, will evaluate and recommend the ideal course of treatment. Above all, the service will save you, as a parent, time and take away stressful situations literally in a matter of minutes when one of our doctors sees you.

Children's dentist

Our little darlings can often be troubled by growing teeth, but also by the subsequent care of the milk teeth, which are absolutely crucial for the formation of new, healthy teeth. So, don't forget about the important prevention of the oral cavity, which our pediatric dentist will lovingly and gently advise you on.

Pregnancy counselling

Mothers need a helping hand in many cases, so we are here for you too. Our gynaecologists will be happy to advise you on how to prepare for childbirth and the following delicate period. They will consult with you about problems that you are afraid to ask about in a regular doctor's office or show you how to breastfeed properly via video.

Does your child have health problems?

Are you and your children suffering from acute health problems that require consultation with a specialist? We are the first in the Czech Republic to offer access to paediatric consultations via an audio-visual call with a doctor.

Doctors are always online

From the comfort of your home, without the hassle of transport, environmentally friendly and safe. Qualified doctors are there for you online and instantly.

Anyone can get in touch with us

Get in touch with your doctor instantly with the app on your smartphone or directly on our website. All this easily, within minutes. We are the first true Czech telemedicine, available anytime, anywhere.

How doctor online works


Symptoms of the child's illness

Do you miss a professional consultation with a doctor or does your child have an acute health problem? We will put you in touch with a pediatrician immediately and from wherever you are.

Symptoms of the child's illness

Virtual reception

In the virtual reception of our mobile app or on the web, choose the focus of your consultation - children's dentist/pediatrician/pregnancy counseling. Enter basic information about your little patient and his/her legal representative, along with a brief description of the difficulties. In the next step, you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can pay for the consultation.

Virtual reception

Virtual waiting room

After paying the consultation fee, you will be seated in the virtual waiting room immediately. Our system will evaluate which of our doctors is the right one for the consultation of the described problems and will establish an audiovisual connection with them as soon as possible.

Virtual waiting room

Connection with a doctor

We believe that all our doctors are professionals and provide patients with the best consultative care that contributes to the successful resolution of both acute and long-term health problems.

Connection with a doctor

Recommended course of treatment and medication

Our doctors are professionals and provide patients with the best consultative care according to the current recommendations of the Paediatric Society, which contributes to the successful resolution of both acute and long-term health problems.

Recommended course of treatment and medication

Healing of the child

We greatly appreciate the trust shown in using our services. We believe that you will be able to use the video contact with our medical team in case of other difficulties or questions in the field of health care. Sincerely, the team of

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Watch our videos

Our videos provide current and future parents with useful advice, focusing on everyday, common, but also specific problems of children. The issue of children's diseases, the basic diagnostic skills of parents and lots of useful advice are prepared for you by our doctors and partners. You can look forward to specialists from various fields of pediatrics, as well as interesting guests, dentists, physiotherapists and nutritionists.


Being a parent entails many joys, but unfortunately also worries. Such a child's health condition can often make parents' heads spin, with a plethora of questions mixed in. "Is the fever from teething? What to do when the baby bumped themselves? When to introduce complementary food and how to curb digestion?" If you're looking for answers to everyday but also specific difficulties, you've come to the right place. Look forward to helpful advice from specialists and exciting guests from several disciplines. We will advise you on what is best for your child.

About doctor online

“After two years with the Covid-19 virus, it has become clear that medicine is not just about face-to-face doctor-patient contact. In many cases, it is also possible to help through indirect contact, i.e. through telemedicine or telecare."“Based on many years of experience from our own clinic, we know that in regions with poorer access to medical care, our video service can relieve many parents from worry and offer patients a great alternative.”

MUDr. Klára SekyrováPediatrician with many years of experience

Video contact with a specialist within the services of Doktor online a.s. is a crucial step towards better offer and availability of health services in the Czech Republic and beyond. The guarantor of the services is Triomed s.r.o., a long-standing healthcare provider in pediatric medicine. All doctors are engaged in their regular practice in pediatric medicine in its full scope.

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At the time covid was attacking in full force, we were the software and personnel company with the largest share of online antigen testing. We had reached a leading position not only in the Czech Republic but also in the top positions in the entire European Union. Thanks to this sudden situation, which we were able to resolve quite quickly, we saw great potential in this, and then we just kept improving the methods of online healthcare to help those in need as much as possible in the future.
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